About Me

Well, hey there, Sugar! Welcome to Southern Sara. I am Sara and it’s a pleasure having you stop by! I thought I would share a little bit about myself so you can get to know me.

I am a born and raised Nashvillian. I know, I know; I’m one of the few Nashvillians that’s actually from Nashville. My southern roots are as deep as they come. My momma is from the mountains of East Tennessee and my daddy is from grassroots, pretty much middle-of-nowhere, Georgia. They settled in Nashville well before I was born and I am so blessed they did.

I grew up with a deep seeded appreciation for almost everything. Sitting at the table with my momma, Nanny, and aunts laughing over their stories of their raisin’, I had a sense that life in the south was simply different than life outside of the Mason-Dixon.

Now that I live in southern California, I understand that lesson more than ever. Life in the south is vastly different than life anywhere else.

I met my SoCal raised husband (in Nashville) and we made the decision to move here in the summer of 2012. It’s been an adjustment, to say the least. Thankfully, I have the world’s best in laws all the way around! From my sweet new mom and dad to my sisters and brothers, I couldn’t have married into a better family.

We have three children: two boys; ages five and three, and one little girl who just turned one.

After the birth of our second son, I was dealing with some serious, and seemingly sudden, health issues. It took two years to diagnose what was wrong and I got the shock of a life time. I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR (yes, that’s the real abbreviation, I promise) and even more shocking to me, was that I have Celiac Disease.

If you know anything at all about being southern, it’s that we love to eat. And we eat WELL. Cakes, casseroles, BBQ, fried everything, and biscuits. OH, the biscuits! When the results for Celiac Disease came back positive I thought my life was over. (Such drama, I know. But food is everything in the south!) Once I accepted that this was my fate, I set out determined to find a way to have delicious gluten free food that was worth the calories behind it.

This is my journey through recipes, trial, error, and hopefully a lot of success. My life has changed drastically in the past few years and I hope you can come along with me to see what might work for you too.

Thanks for visiting Southern Sara and I hope you can sit a spell!